Taco Tuesday for the Ruling Class

And a great book suggestion below! How cool is that?

I wasn’t going to do this today, but after a cup of coffee and reading the news which in turn caused me to choke on the coffee… I had to. I just re-read a book I first purchased and read back in 1993.

The things I mention in these posts all stem from political headlines and stories. There is a fix to what we read daily in the news. So I want to introduce a great read for all the “We the People”. If that’s you, get the book. If it’s not you, get the book anyway. Used copies start at about $2.00 on Amazon.

This book comes from The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Preceding this book by several years was another study “The Imperial Congress”. This was a part of the ‘US Congress Assessment Project’.

This is not an analytical study of Congress. It’s much deeper. There are no pages of charts and numbers. In the stead, there ARE pages examining in detail what Congress does, and does not, do. And the effects on government and Americans.

Since this isn’t a book review, I will only say that for anyone who wants to understand:

  • why we are where we are today
  • why Congress is entirely dysfunctional
  • what is needed to fix government …

This is the book you need to read. It is non-partisan and the goal is to return the government to operate as meant by the Constitution. The very fact this book is 28 years old, written over a quarter-century ago, and preceded by studies going back almost 50 years, should be enough to tell everyone reading this exactly how long and how ingrained Congress’s dysfunction truly is.

As you read these headlines and my attempts at finding humor in (some of) them, keep in mind where this is all coming from… a government that no longer functions as it should… a government that has abdicated its duty to govern “for the people” and replaced this duty with subservience to corporate America and political parties.


  • — Evidently Republican Sen. Mike Rounds (SD) argument against statehood for DC is because there are more Democrats than Republicans. I have to assume he is unaware that the only reason he has his job is due to the “Dakota Territory” being divided into 2 states for the sole purpose of providing 2 additional Senate seats to Republicans. Poor Mike. He’s a dead man walking in the media today for his very apparent lack of knowledge. He should have listened to his mother when she said “if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut”. Makes you wonder (or it should) why he was ever elected.
  • — Jody Hice (R-Ga.) referencing the same subject, DC Statehood, stated that the District of Columbia would be the only state without an auto dealership. Imagine that. They don’t have a landfill either. These so far are the central reasons by Republicans to deny statehood to DC. It’s extremely important to note here, the U.S. Constitution does mention auto dealerships as a condition for statehood. THIS just might win the “dumbest comment by a member of Congress” for the month award. If you voted for Rep. Hice, you might not want to tell anyone. Seriously. And again… why was this person ever elected to Congress? DC is not eligible for statehood due to “No auto dealerships.” Incredible. This is why I’m here. These are softballs for writers and comedians to hit out of the park.
  • — This is not a subject that is humorous. Obviously. But it is important. I own guns. I just renewed for the third time my Concealed Weapons Permit. I have carried since the early ’80s after a break-in at my home followed by two attempted assaults on my wife. My businesses in the 90s were also broken-into. And I walked into a bank in the midst of a robbery in 1994. Once I was followed off the interstate and to my business where I was confronted in the parking lot by a carload gangbangers pointing guns until they noticed I had pulled mine. They squealed tires to get away before they were shot. I mention all this because I favor gun ownership. I also favor a requirement for gun ownership that mimics what is required for a CCW permit… classroom training and weapons proficiency training on a range. This would also require passing a fingerprint and background check. It’s time. And it’s not unconstitutional. And it’s far better than the idiotic things some Democrats wish to impose. California is a perfect example of that idiocy.
  • — I have previously mentioned how amusing it is that Democrats, even after gaining control of the government pretty much, continue to shoot themselves and each other. This was possibly the dumbest idea anyone has come up with … in possibly forever. We need the police. Period. But we need . Creating better and higher standards before handing over weapons and badges to any HS graduate who wants to be a cop is, and has always been, insane. This fact plays out daily in America. Providing these same people with a union that protects them, and hides the shenanigans, adds to that insanity. THIS is the problem. Neither Congress nor either political party has the gonads to address the problem. Read the book above to understand why.
  • — My prediction remains for Trump and this reinforces it… he will never run for office again. Not ever. He lost both elections by popular vote, so there’s that. But, he’s found his calling… grifting silly people who still wear their MAGA costumes in public out of millions of dollars for as long as he possibly can. Fact: Trump has made more in gross income ($300 million+) from donations to him in the past year than he has ever made as a businessman (term used very loosely). He has his new PAC “Support MAGA Grifter PAC” or some such thing, and now this “new platform”. It is going to cost supporters. Bet on it. Subscribe to hear his insane rants about stolen elections. If he’s not in prison. Here is a sample of what people will be paying for: Today’s latest comment from Trump regarding a question put to him about potential Republican candidates for President in 2024… Trump said “he isn’t sure and in the future” who that would be. I have to wonder how many Republicans are aware that Trump is doing away with Republican primary elections and that he would choose who runs for office. Alrighty then…

Last but not least for the day…

  • — They are probably correct. I’ve always believed the best way to work out issues is to talk. Not President Biden evidently. Continuing his rhetoric which only inflames and angers both Russia and China, he’s digging a deep hole that serves no purpose. Good luck crawling out. In-fact, Biden has pretty much refused to talk about anything to anyone, including American citizens. Seems this was a campaign promise, that one about transparency? He also seems to have a problem creating policy, other than reversing anything and everything done by Trump. That’s a mistake also. All of this will cause Democrats to lose the next election. You read it here first. So…promises for open dialogue, transparency, he forgot evidently. The most current and egregious example, as pointed out now by the entire country, is immigration at the southern US border. Another mistake by a President trying to appease his Party. As for Russia… Biden calling names like a child on the playground, threatening multiple nation’s leaders, dumb antics for the press. Biden isn’t the “tough guy” he wishes to portray. He is an old, career politician who finally got his wish to be President, and after 50 years in politics is now lost, doesn’t know what to do, or how to do it. So it seems.

These things I point out above are a result of what is discussed in the book I mention at the beginning. I encourage everyone to read this book. No time? It’s 93 pages in paperback. Find the time and educate yourselves because that is the only way this country gets better.

So there you have it. Now you have the rest of the story.

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