Now … the Rest of the Story*

*Please keep in mind, as per my Twitter title “Third Party Views”, I don’t pick on any one party. I just take what I am given to play with, so at times may seem I am biased. But I have a healthy dislike for both political parties and politics in general.

Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash
  • — Confirming my previous opinion Trump will never, not ever, run for office again. He’s going to make his QAnon Republican followers pay. A lot. Just as they send him donations (well into the millions) via his PAC, for him to pay his debts down. Bet there will be a subscription for this.
  • — this comes on top of over 323,000 charges of misconduct just released for a group of another 80,000 officers. That’s 4 complaints of misconduct per officer. Who protects these officers? Police Unions. It has always been a secret. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Who says police unions aren’t a problem? They are THE PROBLEM.
  • — This exemplifies a huge problem in America. Cuomo (his office) will investigate himself. Same ol stuff, just a different day. Lawyers investigate themselves, and doctors, and politicians, and police … anybody recognize the roadmap here? It’s easy to follow. All people of authority in this nation … whether Congress, your doctor or a local cop, each group has the sole authority, in most cases, to investigate themselves. Back to Cuomo. He is screwed. The FBI is involved. I’m willing to bet his brother gets exclusive access to stories while he’s in jail. Anderson Cooper’s probably thinking, “life just ain’t fair”.
  • — Admittedly, when I read this I could NOT resist. I’m wondering if they’ve had a chance to look into Rep. M.T. Green’s claims of Jewish- controlled lasers from space starting forest fires in California. Better yet… I am waiting for an “intelligence official” to explain how Green ever got elected, even though there was obviously no intelligence involved.
  • — Obviously, it’s Spring again. The “boys are back” and the children are out playing at the playground. And the ‘adults’ are wanting a debate. Yup… Biden and Putin. Biden debating anyone is not a good idea. Just sayin… But back to these children… Putin responded to Biden calling him a murderer, by citing a Russian children’s playground chant that “he who said it, did it”. Yep! It’s Spring! That still doesn’t explain if leaders of nations worldwide all like little kids. Or just these two?
  • — I’m just gonna leave this headline here… why even comment? Giuliani as himself has become a traveling comedy show. Wonder if he even considered having himself arrested? It’s going to happen sooner than later anyway. Man, talk about a spiral downward.
  • — Suck down some more coffee and then think about this for a second … or a day… so is he suggesting this as the reason all those Republican Trump supporters attacked the Capitol also? Republicans have a “Natural Resistance to Government”? First, I’m personally not sure there is anything “natural” anymore about the Republican Party. But then, watching the Dems self-destruct now that they have power seems very natural. It’s gonna take a while to wrap my head around this “Republicans’ natural resistance to government” comment though. Even if you are a Republican, this HAS to leave you scratching your head.
  • — I knew it!! ANTIFA did not attack the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters as Congressional Republicans claim. It was this clown, dressed as… well… himself, a Trump (and Hitler) supporter. Unless… this little Hitler wanna-be white supremacist (with military security clearance and 4 medals) is the new face of … ANTIFA? Wait…no… this has become very confusing.
Military vet (how?) with Federal secret security clearance (again How?) and 4 medals (HOW?!?) Just does not look like ANTIFA as Republicans claim.

There ya go. Now you have “the rest of the story”. See ya soon.

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