Someone who just dropped into your life one day…

Who offered to help you… and actually kept their promise…

Who truly serves people …

Who walks the walk… and writes with a pen…

Some here will know him. (Hint: this is him as a new born…)

Photo by __ drz __ on Unsplash

We met about a year ago. I was floundering around in digital marketing, searching for something that moved me. Searching for a path. Waiting for the good lord (or my gf) to say “Hey fool! Why are you doing this and not this?”

Then one day I meet this dude. We chat online. He wants to see my resume, my background, which we then discussed. He asks me if I would be interested in a chat on Zoom. Hell yes.

So we meet on Zoom, face to face for the first time. And I’m thinking “wow… he wears bowties??” Seriously, I didn’t think you could even buy them anymore. And if you could, who the hell would wear one? (Hint #2: him in college)

Photo by Christopher Jolly on Unsplash

After that initial shock, he wants to know if being an apprentice for him for 3 months or so would interest me, and lets me know he’ll teach me revolutionary stuff.

His question to me was specifically: “Are you interested in joining a Revolution?”

My response… (without trepidation, without additional thought, without knowing much about this guy with a sparkly custom bow tie and a sense of humor) was… “Hell yes! I’m an old hippy dude! I love revolutions!”.

So this is how we met and why we met. Now you might ask “what revolution are you talking about?” It’s a copywriter’s revolution against templated copy … The CopyBrand Revolution:

  • a revolution against templated, fill-in-the-blank copy
  • against the easy way to make a buck
  • against mirroring 8 and 10 page direct mail copy from 20, 30, 40 years ago
  • against using software that “suggests” your headlines and copy for you
  • and against treating your client like an ATM machine in wingtips.

There is nothing wrong with the long copy written so long ago. It has made millions upon millions for the copywriters who wrote those mind-numbingly long, 8 page sales letters.

It’s just that, no one today wants to read all that. After all, the bottom line is (no matter how pretty, how clever, how funny your copy is) does it sell? Not any more.

The CopyBrand Revolution. Writing copy that comes from researching your client, your client’s business, your client’s customers and from learning and knowing their business, speaking their language… Avatar Immersion (which happens to be the name of his book btw).

So who is this “damn fine human and grump” (his words, not mine), this mystery good guy, the cool cat with the custom bow ties, the humorous wordsmith with 2800 contacts on LinkedIn who lives with his wife in the god-forsaken windy cold lands of SE Ohio?

It’s the same guy who “Rides shotgun in your clients mind”… Lee Rowley.

Lee Rowley has helped me in more ways than he knows. He has taught, and continues to teach, me how to write as a CopyBrander. He mentors me continually, in spite of his 18–20 hour work days.

He has asked me to help him with his projects, such as and I gladly assist any way I am able. Now he has me handling minor writing projects for him. I am way madly indebted to Lee for everything he’s done.

People who will so readily and willingly give themselves to others, serve those around them, not just clients and not just for shekels and pesos… are very uncommon. I’ve met more used car salesmen in marketing than I have business geniuses.

Particularly in marketing, where every time you open the laptop there is some chucklehead offering his “magic formula” as he sits in a rented Aston Martin talking about how he makes $100k a month and you can too… just $9.95.

Right. And pigs fly, Santa touches his nose and disappears, and Gandalf guarantees my Buffalo Sabres hockey team will make the Stanley Cup playoffs this Spring (which I KNOW is BS).

So this post is to simply tell people what a cool cat Lee Rowley is. And he’s a kick ass copywriter and CopyBrander. I am blessed to learn from the best. I keep meeting his clients, past and present, and they all say the same thing… “He gets me”.

He “gets” me too. That says a lot. Not even my kids get me. Hell, my wife never got me. She left. My parents… lol … never mind. Too long ago.

Shameless plug inserted here: Lee’s is absolutely FREE for anyone who wants to learn a better, more professional, more passionate way to write. It’s an 8 week program that will introduce all to CopyBranding. Copywriting = The Past … CopyBranding = The Future

For those who are truly serious about their writing and leaving the past behind…

  • no more emulating long copy, direct mail pieces from the 1970's,
  • no more templates and
  • no more boring people to death.

For those who want to truly represent your clients with your copy so that they WANT to come back, WANT to use you again and again… join us at … Did I say the entire 8 week course is FREE?

And again a huge thank you and tip o the hat to the guy with the bow tie, my friend and mentor Lee Rowley. #Bowtieup #copywriter #copybrand #cooldude #copybrandu

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