Higher Wages Kill Jobs!

Who’d a thunk it huh? Seems like a flawed business model to me.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash
  • Costco — announced an increase for all workers nationwide to $16/hour
  • Amazon — $15/hour for 350,000 workers
  • Target — from $12/hour to $15/hour nationwide
  • Walt Disney — $15/hour from $12/hour in all their locations
  • Ben & Jerry’s — $17.78/hour!
  • If true, why would all these corporations raise wages for millions of workers to $15/hour and more on their own?
  • Why are Congressional Republicans not aware of the above information, or if they are aware, why their claims about how wage increases will destroy jobs and destroy the economy?
  • If a rise in wages means the destruction of the economy, why has our economy not already been destroyed by the avg. annual salary increase (as of 2019 per Marketwatch) for CEOs of almost $39,000 per year?
  • What’s the deal Mitt? Your Republican plan to raise wages to $10 would be 35% lower than where wages have moved to without Congress. What’s up with that huh? All questions our kiddies want answers to.

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