“An Unprecedented Opportunity to Do The Right Thing”

Said Author Alison Lange…

After I had commented on a post of hers.

My follow-up comment was the following, and it has to do with how and why I have chosen Mental Health, and kids, as my way of “doing the right thing”.

I had been reflecting on this exact topic “doing the right thing” for several months.

I started out two years ago wanting to get into digital marketing/lead generation. All the gurus told me that’s how to make money, especially if I bought their “secret systems”.

These same used car salesmen of digital marketing are now oozing out of Facebook and into LinkedIn. I get messages daily from them, willing to show me how to get rich like them. (This is another story for another time.)

People I have befriended along the way told me to instead, follow my heart, which as I told them is writing and coaching others in business. Writing already for many years and having started 6 businesses, I chose writing and consulting.

Pick a niche! You need a niche! OK already! How? I have worked and/or managed businesses in law, real estate, plumbing, maintenance… so there… these are my niches.



People in marketing I trust, and who have done this for years, said my niche had to be more specific. Discussing this with another copywriter (Lee Rowley) 2 weeks ago, we got to discussing mental health. I dove into the topic with a story. He listened and told me … “there’s your niche dude”.

He’s correct. My life mission, to break the vicious cycle that takes pre-teens and teens from undiagnosed, seemingly normal, good kids … to drug addiction, crime and jail, is just beginning.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash