Defunding the Police — Is this really the answer?

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Violence in some towns that results in injury or death and is attributed to law enforcement, today elicits the seemingly typical response from liberal-minded folks: “Defund the Police”. It’s a simple minded response. It’s stupidity. It’s a knee-jerk response based upon emotion and will result in more crime. This seems rather obvious it would seem, or it should be.

In western society, whether it’s medicine, law enforcement, or any other situational problem, the knee-jerk response by the citizenship and by government is:

  • throw money at the perceived problem, hiring teams of…

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

Have you ever asked yourself why you made certain decisions in life? I have, numerous times. Some of those still haunt me. Some decisions, especially one in my personal life almost 50 years ago, I have regretted. Sometimes we don’t always choose the right road.

Just out of high school, I wanted to work and attend a trade school, not a college. But according to my Dad trade schools didn’t offer a future. …

You will always be… just yourself.” Ernie Watts, Jazz Musician

An interesting quote that rings true, not only for musicians (though that’s what he was referencing) but for writers as well.

When writing, the words should come from within, just as the music comes from within for a musician.

“I’m me and I’m coming from where I come from. It’s about who I am” says Ernie Watts, discussing his performing live. This discussion is in Mark Schaefer’s book ‘Born to Blog’. It’s a seemingly defiant statement about being who you are today, now, in performing your music, or as a…

A Brief Summary of Everything …

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The News!

Some read it.

Some say they read it.

Most don’t. Most would rather cover their heads with it to keep the rain (or snow) off them because, as I have heard, it makes your hair frizzy in the winter.

No matter though, the news is a daily trap for those like myself who are addicted to knowing what’s happening around me.

And it never rains here in Apache Junction AZ at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Plus, I like crossword puzzles. Why I am not sure. Probably words… another addiction.

So without further ado, here are a…

Ever get a traffic ticket and it cost you a week's pay?

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Driving in Paradise Valley, AZ the other day, I was tooling along at the speed limit. Why? Because I know from experience that every road in that town is a speed trap. Allegedly this is because all the wealthy folk in their million dollar homes don’t like speeders.

Yet, I noticed something that before I had paid little attention to… the vehicles that were speeding. I was passed by a Lamborghini, several Lexus drivers, a Bentley sports convertible, and a couple of Mercedes.

The price tag for speeding…

A True Story.

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The Air Force finalized and issued “Project Blue Book”, in 1969. This was the Government saying “yes, we see what you think you see, but …”.

I have seen UFOs and I am thoroughly convinced we are not alone. I believe the potential of aliens being on this planet and watching us on this planet is beyond debatable.

Our solar system is one of the billions just in our own tiny space, our own little galaxy. Consider there are untold trillions of galaxies. The mathematical odds of other beings far more advanced than us existing, and visiting us, are undeniable…

Here are some things to consider…

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This pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs. Some of these people have looked, or may now be looking, to start a small business. Keep in mind, at one point Microsoft and Apple and Ashley Furniture were all “small businesses”.

How I Got There—

Before I finished college I was already married (1979) and with one daughter. I needed an income. I had, fortunately, already started my first business called Mesa Waterworks.

I graduated college (1983) and had grown tired (literally) of my first business. It was physically challenging, with lots of digging…

When I started taking acid, I read was also from 2 authors: Carlos Castanada and Dr. Andrew Weil. Both incredible journies in reading.

Dr. Andrew Weil's book "The Natural Mind" was his doctoral thesis, a study of hallucinogenics in other cultures. Dr. Weil is a world-renowned doctor in Tucson, AZ. He is worth following. The book is an amazing study of people and cultures... and hallucinogenics. He is booked over a year plus in advance for an appointment just to see him.

And America’s Continuing History of Racism

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First things first. Define reparations. Reparations are the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to and/or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.

For this discussion, the focus will be on reparations for Black Americans. Information used here comes from articles and podcast scripts from several sources, one being a study from the Brookings Institute and Wikipedia being another collection of sources.

A History of Racism in the US

From the time the first settlers navigated to North, Central, and South America from Europe, racism has been predominant. …

We all have, at some point in our lives, questioned ourselves, our being… and asked ourselves “Why am I here?”

Have you ever wondered “why”? You simply stop, look around, and ask yourself “why am I here”. Yet, you’re sure (you think) there’s a reason you’re where you are.

Maybe you’re sitting in your office, at home, in a park, or at the beach …relaxing and looking around… and your mind wanders as you wonder “why am I here … what’s my purpose”.

There I was, driving across a reservation on the outskirts of Phoenix recently (it’s a scenic shortcut…

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