A Single Lane Dirt & Gravel Road that leads to Heaven

Getting to the house on ‘The Mountain’ wasn’t easy. Winding mountain 2 lane roads covered by a canapy of trees, run down and dilapidated old homes and a multitude of churches as points of reference, and the numerous single…

The Move

The Blue Ridge Mountains, just east of us near Hiawassee GA.

We need to chat. It’s time. Been far too long brothers and sisters.

I should explain. I have been silent for the most part of 12–14 weeks I think. This crap takes a toll on you when you're my age. And I’m a very young 70. Just a…

2000 Miles to Peace and Normality

I know. The silence has been deafening.

It’s been a month or so since I’ve written anything, let alone even been on this site. That’s a long time for me. And that alone has been driving me nuts. But I have my reasons.


Our history of endless wars, devastating financial and human losses. We still haven’t learned.

Photo by Jordy Meow on Unsplash

Viet Nam

Way before the Taliban and Afghanistan, there was Viet Nam. It has been estimated the United States military abandoned, left, lost … however one wants to portray it… over $5 Billion in weaponry and vehicles. Other estimates placed the losses at over $1 Billion.

An estimated list of…

JD Adams - "Tales from The Mountain"

Writer ~ Blogger ~ Creative Non-Fiction Storyteller ~ Photography “Tales from The Mountain”

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