Defunding the Police — Is this really the answer?

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Violence in some towns that results in injury or death and is attributed to law enforcement, today elicits the seemingly typical response from liberal-minded folks: “Defund the Police”. It’s a simple minded response. It’s stupidity. It’s a knee-jerk response based upon emotion and will result in more crime. This seems rather obvious it would seem, or it should be.

In western society, whether it’s medicine, law enforcement, or any other situational problem, the knee-jerk response by the citizenship and by government is:

  • throw money at the perceived problem, hiring teams of “experts” to produce stacks of paperwork to find solutions…

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

Have you ever asked yourself why you made certain decisions in life? I have, numerous times. Some of those still haunt me. Some decisions, especially one in my personal life almost 50 years ago, I have regretted. Sometimes we don’t always choose the right road.

Just out of high school, I wanted to work and attend a trade school, not a college. But according to my Dad trade schools didn’t offer a future. …

You will always be… just yourself.” Ernie Watts, Jazz Musician

An interesting quote that rings true, not only for musicians (though that’s what he was referencing) but for writers as well.

When writing, the words should come from within, just as the music comes from within for a musician.

“I’m me and I’m coming from where I come from. It’s about who I am” says Ernie Watts, discussing his performing live. This discussion is in Mark Schaefer’s book ‘Born to Blog’. It’s a seemingly defiant statement about being who you are today, now, in performing your music, or as a…

A Brief Summary of Everything …

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The News!

Some read it.

Some say they read it.

Most don’t. Most would rather cover their heads with it to keep the rain (or snow) off them because, as I have heard, it makes your hair frizzy in the winter.

No matter though, the news is a daily trap for those like myself who are addicted to knowing what’s happening around me.

And it never rains here in Apache Junction AZ at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Plus, I like crossword puzzles. Why I am not sure. Probably words… another addiction.

So without further ado, here are a…

Ever get a traffic ticket and it cost you a week's pay?

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Driving in Paradise Valley, AZ the other day, I was tooling along at the speed limit. Why? Because I know from experience that every road in that town is a speed trap. Allegedly this is because all the wealthy folk in their million dollar homes don’t like speeders.

Yet, I noticed something that before I had paid little attention to… the vehicles that were speeding. I was passed by a Lamborghini, several Lexus drivers, a Bentley sports convertible, and a couple of Mercedes.

The price tag for speeding…

Wanna “Stop the Steal”? Then Get Serious…

Yes, our elections are being stolen. They are being stolen at the Local, State and Federal levels. But they are not being stolen by who you think, whether you are Republican or Democrat.

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It’s long been suggested members of Congress should wear uniforms with the names and logos of all the people and corporations pouring cash into their coffers.

  • Dark money is the name.
  • Hidden transfers of BILLIONS in cash is the game.
  • Buying politicians, who are already millionaires is what you see.
  • Buying governmental policy is what you don’t and won’t see.
  • Ethics is a word, not an enforced…

Six Tips Before You Sell…

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Selling or buying a home is a huge deal. Especially today with prices sky-rocketing upwards in most areas. There are some things to consider in this process if moving out of your current area.

There are the pre-sale items, and then the sale. Now what? Where are you planning to buy if you decide to sell? It makes a difference.

  • Utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer) differ throughout the country. Research your options and costs.
  • High-Speed Internet availability differs greatly from state to state, area to area.
  • Over 65? Retired? How close are medical facilities? …

Money Will Buy Congress… Money Won’t Buy the Public.

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Congress has been bought and paid for decades. Something they like to call “campaign contributions” long ago became a side gig for every person in Congress, no matter what their political party.

But it now seems with the defeat of Trump and the instituting of Democrats in power in Washington there is another group of Americans that some in Congress seem to believe are for sale. And they’re not having it. Not yet.

I have followed politics religiously for decades. I was involved in politics for years personally. It’s an interesting…

We Die, Then What?

I’ve written several times in both ‘My Conversations With My Grandfather’ and stories of ‘My Dad & Me’, about death. A lot of people don’t want to talk about death. Personally, I’ve always looked at it as a mystery to solve.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

My grandfather had this theory which I have for years, entirely embraced.

He believed that all religions essentially worship the same entity but by different names. He also found little need for organized religion because the truth has always been there for all to see.

The things I took away from my talks with him…

Almost every family trip has some funny tales to tell…

During the Summer of 1968, my Dad said we were going to take a trip to Canada, near Montreal. Truthfully, I think all he wanted to do was take a drive in his ’65 Ford Country Wagon. That and get away from work for a while.

1965 Ford Family Wagon

So off we went, driving from Buffalo NY to Montreal Canada. Not without a fight though. Four kids and everyone wanted to ride in the back. …

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