The Question is Not: “How to Stop the Steal” …
It’s “How to Stop the Circus?”

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The answer is too simple. The jokes too easy. Sometimes though, “simple” seems so confusing because it’s … well, it’s just that simple!

The Problem(s)

Every state has voting laws, rules, and regulations. This works for local, state, and federal elections, though how well it works for federal elections is arguable.

So I argue it does not. And I like to argue.

As I can be a sarcastic, argumentative bastard with a sense of humor, this could be an interesting read. Continue please.

I will argue this does NOT work any longer for Federal elections. Our country is too massive. We have outgrown the existing system. It’s like trying to put a diaper on a hippo with the runs. …

Am I wasting my time?

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Your life on LinkedIn may seem like you are just a number, lost in a herd of people. Maybe you are. Maybe we all are, and fight it.

But there’s an interesting fact I recently, and quite accidentally, discovered. I’ll get to that “discovery” in a minute.

Most people on LinkedIn post about themselves… “here’s who I am and what I do. Hire me.”

I could (and did in the past) post some cute episode in life and tie it to some “lesson” from some well-known writer or marketer whose book I just read or youtube video I listened to last week, namedropping them to hopefully add to your perception of me, that of being well-read, knowledgeable, blah blah. …

Immigration, Poverty, Unemployment, Crime, Homelessness, and more.

What Can We Do To Fix Our Nation?

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The Problem

Year after year, election after election… same story. “I’m going to do…” referencing a crumbling infrastructure, illegal immigration, climbing welfare costs, the homeless, unemployment, and more.

But these are NOT the problem. Government is the problem. Two embedded political parties have shared equal control of our government for the history of this nation. Very little has changed in decades.

The same problems exist today that existed 50, 75, even 100 years ago.


The Cause

Elected officials refuse to consider solutions when there is no payoff for themselves. There are answers to all our problems. But there must be a desire among elected officials to find and initiate those answers. That desire doesn’t exist because there is a lack of personal financial incentive. …

Yet on One Island… a Message from God.

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Buildings built of concrete. Gone. One foot thick concrete walls now just a pile of rubble. Islands once resorts now tent cities.

Trees. Gone.

Beaches. Gone.

Yet on one island stood a message from God. The front half of a church remained, with its’ steeple, intact. This was my only thought when I saw this.

And an old wooden rocking chair sitting out front. Where was the person who sat there? Alive? Washed away? Buried in mud?

The church, the only building left standing in that immediate area. …

Let’s Go for an Interactive Train Ride, Back In Time, On the Empire Express … Ya Ready?

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When I was a little kid, day or night, I knew the time from the train whistle. It pierced the silence of the night, I remember, with a series of whistle blasts and one long wail. I’d smile and sleep like a baby.

Growing up, I was mesmerized by trains. Still am. Probably because my Grandfather and Father loved trains and passed that love on to me. As a kid, I had books, pictures, and framed photos of trains of all types.

So it came as no surprise I reckon when my Dad bought and built a really nice Lionel train set, placed it on a 4x8 plywood sheet in the basement, and built it into quite the showpiece. It had everything. …

“Not even for my family? Or preemptive pardons for myself?”

You know… just in case?

Questions raised repeatedly by President Trump over the past 3+ years.

Evidently these questions have been on his mind for quite awhile.

Quoted to CNN during interviews with current and former administration officials, since 2017 these questions have repeatedly been floated by the current President of the US.

Specifically, the President has allegedly questioned those around him whether they think he can legally pardon himself since he was elected.

In 2018 he publicly stated he actually believes he has “the absolute right to pardon himself”. …

The Politicization & Manipulation of Our Government and the Presidential Election

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We are witnessing the end of a period of time during which the leader of this nation has politicized every aspect of government possible for the sake of control and power. Simply put, it’s a power grab.

There is no other explanation.

This has only recently been publicized to the point of being a talking point. Attempts to politicize arms of the government are how this country and government will be brought to its’ knees.

The lines of separation among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of govt. have been blurred. As a nation, we will not be destroyed from the outside, but from the inside, by those seeking absolute power. …

Voting Fraud? Here is How We Fix this Mess…

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Some say the events happening across America are to be expected. After all, we have a President, not unlike most politicians today, who will do and say everything he can to win, even going further claiming wins in States when none exists under that State’s laws.

In fact, both candidates have essentially claimed wins. These actions are a far cry from those in the past that I am familiar with and been involved with.

In cities across the nation, there are now people mimicking our President, with very little knowledge of the process in their respective states, yelling fraud. …

Threats of Violence as a Campaign Strategy

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With the boarding up of businesses in cities across the country, business owners are worried. This is their life. Given the rhetoric of our elected leaders, they should be.

Violent right-wing militias threatening violence while self-promoting themselves as ‘Saviors of Democracy’ is laughable when they espouse the overthrow of the government (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) out the sides of their mouths.

“We are sending our people to polling locations to protect voters.” From what? From who? From you? From them? Roving masses of murder hornets? Killer Klowns from Outer Space?

There has to be a better way for these militia members to compensate for their sexual inadequacies. Bigger, longer barrels do nothing to protect voters from anything. But I guess they make these people feel good, probably literally, one way or another. …

It’s a Lie You’re Hearing…

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Politicians lie. The closer we get to Election Day, the bolder and more voluminous the lies become.

One of four experts on body language stated, on a show I just watched recently, “a person who lies is evident, not because they don’t make eye contact, but the opposite, when they make prolonged eye contact.”

Taking this knowledge, I have watched more closely various politicians as they speak to people, particularly an individual or small group of individuals. Doing so, I see the difference. …


JD Adams

Freelance Writer ~ Editor ~ Creative Non-Fiction Storyteller ~ Focus: Mental Health/Addiction, Elderly, Craft Beer, Politics ~ Living in Apache Junction, AZ.

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