Defunding the Police — Is this really the answer?

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Violence in some towns that results in injury or death and is attributed to law enforcement, today elicits the seemingly typical response from liberal-minded folks: “Defund the Police”. It’s a simple minded response. It’s stupidity. It’s a knee-jerk response based upon emotion and will result in more crime. …

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

Have you ever asked yourself why you made certain decisions in life? I have, numerous times. Some of those still haunt me. Some decisions, especially…

You will always be… just yourself.” Ernie Watts, Jazz Musician

An interesting quote that rings true, not only for musicians (though that’s what he was referencing) but for writers as well.

When writing, the words should come from within, just as the music comes from within for a musician.


A Brief Summary of Everything …

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The News!

Some read it.

Some say they read it.

Most don’t. Most would rather cover their heads with it to keep the rain (or snow) off them because, as I have heard, it makes your hair frizzy in the winter.

No matter though, the news is a daily trap…

Ever get a traffic ticket and it cost you a week's pay?

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Driving in Paradise Valley, AZ the other day, I was tooling along at the speed limit. Why? Because I know from experience that every road in that town is a speed trap. …

2000 Miles to Peace and Normality

I know. The silence has been deafening.

It’s been a month or so since I’ve written anything, let alone even been on this site. That’s a long time for me. And that alone has been driving me nuts. But I have my reasons.


Our history of endless wars, devastating financial and human losses. We still haven’t learned.

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Viet Nam

Way before the Taliban and Afghanistan, there was Viet Nam. It has been estimated the United States military abandoned, left, lost … however one wants to portray it… over $5 Billion in weaponry and vehicles. Other estimates placed the losses at over $1 Billion.

An estimated list of…

Here’s how the Federal Govt. will pay for it.

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The American Jobs Plan will cost an estimated $1.2 trillion over 8 years. This equates to $150 billion per year or $415 million dollars per day over 8 years.

From what the public has been told, which most assuredly is NOT…

Nothing remains the same. But change isn’t always good… or is it?

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LinkedIn has changed. Or maybe it’s the people on LinkedIn. Maybe it’s our society that’s changed, reflected within the interactions on LinkedIn, and not LinkedIn. Possibly it’s both.

Over the past year, to me it seems the platform…

Where Is It?

Morning comes. No alarm needed. Waking to the light and reality dawns. Still no job, no income, no savings… just the promise and hope that the assistance comes soon. Rent is overdue and utilities have provided a short reprieve.

We keep hearing about the programs that are…

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